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About Us

Quality Construction PRO is your local, full service building, Roofing and exterior contractor. We are a family owned company and our mission statement is simple,
We are dedicated to Quality and Service. Our management team has over 77 years combined experience in the construction industry so you will have peace of mind and can trust our team to deliver top notch service coupled with quality products. It is our goal to serve you and deliver your project on time, within budget and to your satisfaction using Quality people and Quality products . QC PRO does not believe in "hidden fees" or last minute charges. Naturally there are sometimes additions or subtractions to a project (especially larger projects) but you can rest assured that we communicate to you those items BEFORE they are implemented. Our clients sign off on all work before it is started.

QC PRO has an A+ rating with all of the consumer reporting agencies and our company has been entrusted to perform government projects as we are a government registered company. Our employees go through a thorough background check for added assurance that your experience with us will be a pleasant one.

In construction and home improvement you are only as good as the product you offer. We included the word "Quality" in our name for a specific reason. We only offer the best performing products in our mid grade and premium grade line of roofing products, siding products, steel buildings, post frame buildings and solar power solutions. Let us help you with a worry free, lifetime maintenance free solution today!

Our confidence in our team to deliver unmatched quality and service is so much so that we can offer what few other companies can. We offer a written lifetime warranty on all of our premium roofing, siding and building products AND it includes all LABOR. How is that for customer service! We are here to provide you with energy saving home improvement options that will in turn save you money!

Would you like to lower your heating and cooling bills?

Our Energy Star Rated roofing for cool roof solutions will dramatically reduce your operating expenses and if used as a maintenance solution you can qualify for a 100% IRS tax deduction for the first year! We also offer insulated siding solutions, interior insulation solutions and solar panel installation for home and business.

Our Home and Business Energy Audit will help reveal areas of your structure that , in many cases, are costing you 25% to 60% more than it should to heat and cool your property. We use the latest tools in our whole structure evaluation to pinpoint areas of concern. The typical energy solution investment has an ROI of only 1-3 years! We carry a full line of solutions that we customize for you.

So enough about us, how can we help you today?

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