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Commercial Roofing

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Cool Roof PRO FOAM®

and TPO Single Ply

PRO COAT® coatings are liquid applied, fully adhered "rubberized" elastomeric coating that serves as a protective membrane for virtually all roof and wall surfaces.

PRO COAT® not only provides a flexible water- proof shield, it is also a solar reflective to help reduce energy bills by providing lower roof temperatures. Our coatings can be applied to asphalt, metal, built up, single ply, modified bitumen and even polyurethane foam to provide new life to an old roof.

All of our coatings come with a long term sustainable warranty and if the application is used as preventative maintenance, it can be 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE the first year! Our coatings come as a complete system With primers, ponding area control and flashings.

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Our PRO FOAM® division is a seamless,water-tight application that also provides the highest R-value in the roofing industry. It is a win-win as the Superior Insulation can be used on roofs or walls.

PRO FOAM® provides an unmatched ROI as it provides ENERGY SAVINGS up to 40% , and the cost pays for itself within 5 years.

PRO FOAM® is usually installed directly on the existing roof ELIMINATING TEAR OFF COSTS and business interruptions.

PRO FOAM® is fully a adhered system which results in the highest wind up lift resistance in the industry. Our system is self-
flashing and conforms to difficult tight fit areas. It is a much faster and easier installation compared to traditional asphalt roofing .

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Our TPO Single Ply systems offer superior stability and seam strength with heat welded seams. Single ply offers high solar reflectivity ( 75 or higher) while reducing electrical demand which significantly
reduces energy costs.

It is designed to waterproof commercial buildings while reducing construction costs and energy consumption.

Commercial Roofing

-Pro Coat® Elastomeric Coatings
- Alternative to replacing roof
- Watertight / Waterproof
- Can be applied to most substrates
- Reflective, energy saving roof
- Durable and cost effective

Single Ply Roofing

- Superior stability
- High solar reflectivity
- Reduces energy costs

Pro Foam®

- Energy Star rated*
- Highest R-Value
- The best investment
- Seamless air barrier
- Use on walls, ceilings and roofs

Lifetime Metal & Shingle Roof

- Energy Star rated*
- Many colors
- Shingles have a true LIFETIME
streak & algae warranty


Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing Indiana - Kentucky

* Energy Star Rated System

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